Graduate studies
Statistics (M.S. and Ph.D.)

apply for admission today!Individuals from a variety of backgrounds can make significant contributions to the field of statistics as long as they have sufficient background in statistics, mathematics, and computing.

Undergraduate preparation in statistics, mathematics, and computing should include multivariate calculus (the equivalent of UCI courses Mathematics 2A-B, 2D-E), linear algebra (121A), elementary analysis (140A-B), introductory probability and statistics (Statistics 120A-B-C), and basic computing (ICS 21).

For students with undergraduate majors outside of mathematics and statistics, it is possible to make up one or two missing courses during the first year in the program.

The UCI General Catalogue is the official guide to all degree and graduation requirements. For previous calendar years, please see here.


Master of Science for Students Enrolled in a Doctoral Program at UCI

Students who are currently enrolled in a doctoral program at UCI and wish to pursue a Master of Science degree in Statistics at the same time should consult with the Director of Graduate Studies in Statistics to register their interest with the Department, to develop a program of study, and to establish a relationship with a faculty advisor in Statistics.

The degree requirements including the comprehensive examination are the same as those listed under the Master of Science in Statistics. The Statistics Department Graduate Committee must be petitioned for permission to sit for the comprehensive examination.

The petition should include the proposed plan of study and a current official UCI transcript. A petition for the degree must be filed with the Statistics Department Graduate Committee for approval two quarters before the degree is awarded.