Course Materials Development (Tier 2)


About ten instructors who attend the bootcamp will be selected to develop course materials in the Fall semester. They will be engaged in a semester-long collaborative endeavor to develop teaching and learning materials of Bayesian methods for undergraduate students in their disciplines that are at public dissemination quality. Instructors of similar STEM disciplines will be teamed up, and each team is mentored by one of the PIs. Depending on the instructor’s objective and their plan of introducing Bayesian methods in their undergraduate curriculum, we expect some to develop a Bayesian module to be part of an existing course while others to develop a full Bayesian course as part of their curriculum offerings.


Instructors selected to participate in course material development will be compensated with $1,500 each for their time and effort.


All participants in the BATS Bootcamp in Summer 2024 are eligible to apply to Tier 2 by an application. The application will be shared here at a later date.


The schedule of Tier 2 activities for the 2023 cohort can be found at this link.

Example Course Materials

The following are some of the teaching materials that former Tier 2 participants have developed.

Project Title Project Participants Materials
Surprise!—They’re Different   Zachary del Rosario
Stefani Langehennig  
POGIL-style activities: Introductions to Bayesian Statistics   Olga Glebova
Kaitlyn Fitzgerald  
Angela Ebeling
Bayesian Thinking: Course Materials for Bayesian Topics   Abraham Ayebo
Samantha Seals
Toni Sorrell  
Introducing Frequentist and Bayesian Methods in Parallel in an Undergraduate Economics Statistics Course   Patricia Toledo