The Department aims to develop core strength in statistical theory and in the development of statistical methods. The Department has a strongly interdisciplinary flavor with existing collaborations in medical imaging, astrostatistics, and network topography. In addition, the department also includes nine joint appointments from Economics, Public Health, Sociology and Computer Sciences. These faculty members contribute by serving as dissertation committee members for Statistics graduate students, collaborating in departmental research programs and teaching Statistics courses.

Faculty Emeriti Profiles


Veronica 824-8608DBH 2026
Hengrui CaiAssistant Professorhengrc1@uci.eduDBH 2019
Mine DogucuAssistant Professor of Teaching;
Vice Chair of Undergraduate Studies 824-5679DBH 2204
Daniel GillenChancellor’s Professor and 824-9862DBH 2038 / DBH 2226
Volodymyr 824-2390DBH 2068
Bin NanChancellor’s 824-2954DBH 2066
Tianchen QianAssistant –DBH 2019
Annie QuChancellor’s 824-9070DBH 2212
Babak ShahbabaProfessor & UCI Chancellor’s Fellow; Vice Chair of Graduate Studies, 824-0623DBH 2212
Weining ShenAssociate 824-9795DBH 2206
Hal SternChancellor’s Professor; Provost &
Executive Vice Chancellor 824-1568DBH 2216
Yaming YuAssociate 824-7361DBH 2228
Zhaoxia YuProfessor; Vice Chair of
Undergraduate Affairs, Statistics 824-0491DBH 2214


Wesley O. JohnsonProfessor –DBH 2032
Jessica UttsProfessor –DBH 2032

Joint Faculty

Pierre BaldiDistinguished 824-5809DBH 4038 
Scott 824-5919AIRB 2032
Carter 824-8591SSPA 2145
Matthew 824-1511SSPB 3207
Ivan JeliazkovAssociate 824-1581SSPA 3175
Stephan MandtAssistant 824-6753DBH 4072
Padhraic SmythChancellor’s 824-2558DBH 4216
Erik 824-8169DBH 4206
Joachim VandekerckhoveAssociate 824-5958SBSG 2324


Name Title Email Phone# Location
David Armstrong Lecturer (949) 824-6753 DBH 2241
Brigitte Baldi Lecturer (949) 824-1912 DBH 2208
Koko Gulesserian Lecturer, UCI Department of Statistics  – DBH 2056
Lee Kucera Lecturer  – DBH 2048
Stacy Morrow Lecturer  – Remote